The task determines the most effective method

If the vision or the decision about the further meaningful procedure is not clear or still to be developed, creative methods are used (vision maps, solution circles, SWOT analyses, etc.)


If comprehensive questions are relevant to all aspects of the company, XVISORY will continue to ask, discuss and answer further-developed questions along a balanced scorecard structure.

If initial strategic ideas are to be assessed, “strategic mapping” may be useful.

If the obstacles to good efficiency are not in the process design but rather in the interaction of organisational units, methods for relationship management are used, like personality diagnostics or methods of team development.

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In nearly all projects, a great deal of weight is placed upon a well-developed change methodology, which is the element of a good “change architecture”. The desired results can then also be capitalised.

The formats range from individual (Management) coaching and group sessions, to large group moderations according to the phase and goals in the change process. Methodological ways to combine strategic ideas and a broad approach to management and employees can be achieved, for example, through RTSC (Real Time Strategic Change) conferences (as well as World Café, Appreciate Enquiry, Open Space, and Future Conferences).

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If an organisation wants to increase customer satisfaction, methods of customer research and customer satisfaction management are used (incl. data mining techniques). If projects are to be managed, structured project management is introduced.

If projects enter the implementation phase, there are measured values (such as SMART objectives or KPIs) which are aligned with the strategy and introduced in an efficient control system and monitoring (possibly via scorecards).