“What is conceivable is also feasible”
Albert Einstein

Only if there is a clear idea of what is really to be achieved, only if one’s own agenda is clear, can strong developmental forces emerge. These help to generate momentum and get closer to the goal.

A vision, a desire, a dream provide energy, so this image of the future should be found in order to direct all of your power there – with maximum efficiency.

We have a comprehensive set of methods to help you make this vision “visible and tangible”– as well as to develop it with you.


“If you want someone to build a ship, do not give him any tools, but arouse in him the longing for the sea.“
Antoine des Saint Exupéry

Strategy – “Have we defined a clear direction?”

A systematic, structured process always necessarily involves strategy development – always with the prospect of implementing and capitalising upon the idea.
The speed of the process depends upon the status or development level in the company – this should be docked (in an evolutionary manner) to the existing situation.

“The future has an origin”

A good strategy in our interdependent world formulates the decisive activities for the entire organisation, as well as detailed activities for the different (functional) business areas and divisions.

The strategy gives direction to the organisation, helps to combine measures, is meaningful and ensures effectiveness and efficiency in the pursuit of defined goals. It helps to bring about changes, but also to preserve success.

We are convinced that a strategy “from within”, from you yourself – with methodological support – can be well defined (by means of a “systemic approach”).


We support you in your strategy process with methodology, analysis, an external perspective, critical questions and as a sparring partner, whether for the whole company, a business unit, a department or a functional area.

In addition to the strategy, we also always address the structure, the organisation, as well as the people and culture, in order to include the entire system and to guide it onto a path of change.

In this way, the vision becomes a reality.