Do we have a clear vision?

A vision, a desire, a dream, an idea provide energy. Therefore, this image of the future should be identified in order to direct all of your power there – with maximum efficiency. The process of forming visions is  valuable to all involved stakeholders.

Is the strategy translated into all the relevant areas?
Are all functional areas of the organization in line with the strategy?
Have we properly integrated our strategic intents into our people’s jobs, as well as the new requirements to their competencies?

Have we developed an elaborate change architecture so that we can achieve our desired changes, our transformation targets within the set time frame?
Change processes have specific patterns. Change has logical but also psycho-logical components.
Is the leadership effective and sustainable?
To what extent are our models of working together efficient, productive and also support creativity?
Are all our employees in their “best roles” and thus satisfied and engaged?
Management and leadership require specificities adapted to the situation, effective behaviours and processes which also reflect the company’s culture.

In the course of the process, it is necessary to re-establish again and again which is the best procedure and accompanying set of methods for the situation (agile processes and behaviour).